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One of the key strengths of this second edition is the author's meticulous attention to detail. While the first edition was already a remarkable piece of literature, the second edition takes it to new heights. The revisions and additions made by the author demonstrate a deep understanding of Evangelism and a commitment to delivering an even more satisfying reading experience. Guess what, it's translated in Portuguese too! Bravo! 

Dr. Maryse Manasse, DMD

Bloomfield, NJ

As one who has been pastoring for a number of years and often looking and praying for practical material to help in soul-winning and personal and corporate evangelism, I was truly blessed by this refreshing and thoroughly wonderful work of Minister Otu’s workbook, “Experiencing Biblical Evangelism .” Once I really devoted my full and uninterrupted time to reading the content, I could not put it down until I was finished. When I finished, I knew it was the book that I had to have for our church for our evangelism efforts. Personally and corporately, I fully recommend it to and for all pastors and congregations to read and apply. So much so, that I have requested a hundred copies for our church to begin with. It is a worthwhile investment to help us understand and fulfill our God-Given assignment in the Great Commission.

Pastor Robert Roundtree

Miracle Temple Family Fellowship 

Lake View, SC

Sis. Corrine

God's Life Christian Church,

Irvington, NJ

​​Godly sorrow brings repentance. Experience Biblical Evangelism Workbook by Min. Otu brings about a burden for souls. It is a book that causes repentance to the believer in terms of fully carrying out the great commission and to the nonbeliever for hearing the gospel of Christ. I have read many soul-winning books but have never read a book like this one. It is a book that I had to take my time in reading to allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in me in certain areas where I had trouble soul-winning. It is packed with testimonies and verses. Also, it is not a book of only encouragement but a book of conviction for everyone who reads it. Furthermore, this workbook leaves everyone without excuse for evangelizing. Min. Otu makes Evangelism not only about defending our beliefs, which is what the majority of the evangelism books do. However, it is about a biblical understanding about what we believe as Christians, which is all we need to bring the gospel to people.

I joyfully recommend that all pastors, teachers, and disciples secure copies of this awesome biblically sound resource entitled “Experience Biblical Evangelism Workbook.” It provides practical insight for daily evangelism. This book is beneficial to the new disciple who is navigating his or her responsibility to evangelize as well being a refresher and reference for those who have been on the Christian journey for a while.

In my role as pastor, I was looking for a book that highlighted our responsibility to evangelize and I happened to stumble upon this book at my local Christian bookstore. There was only one copy of it on the shelf. After purchasing it and reading it, I knew that I had to get more copies because I wanted to use it as a topical Bible Study on Evangelism at my church. I contacted the author and my wife and I had the pleasure of speaking with her in person and hearing her heart for evangelism. She agreed to attend one of our Bible Studies on Zoom and even teach a lesson from the book. The class was richly blessed. As we went through each chapter the book, Spirit of God invited us to gently peel back all of the misconceptions and apprehensions that we had about our duty to reach out to and share Jesus with others. The workbook was written on a level that each student could understand and it facilitated communication at the end of the chapter with review questions. The fire for the lost souls was rekindled in our midst. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Darren Umble

Mount Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg
Philadelphia, PA

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